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At Collins Realty Group we believe the Real Estate environment is transforming quickly and a permanent wave of change will sweep through the Real Estate industry in the next decadeĀ as technology is now the main driver of our business and marketing, big brands no longer dominate the marketplace, while vendors and buyers are more than ever looking for personalised service from a professional local real estate agent.

The founders of Collins Realty Group had a simple two way vision, to provide exceptional service to our clients by combining old world customer service with new world innovation inventiveness and technology, and to ensure all our amazing people are comprehensively supported through in-depth professional training, innovative marketing tools, a striking brand presence, industry know-how, and inventive selling techniques underlined by a relationship driven culture.

Everyone in the Collins Realty Group organisation has the expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and integrity to ensure we are completely committed to YOU.

We are proud to offer you the Best People, the Best Industry Practices, and the Best Advice which means you achieve the BEST POSSIBLE RESULT.


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