Amber Snow

Amber Snow

When Amber was younger one of her first books was ‘101 ways to make money’ and at age 6 she was selling handmade cards at a local store, so business has always been a passion of hers.

Fast forward to now and Amber has completed a Bachelor of Business in Marketing with High Distinctions and has now worked with various companies to lead and direct marketing and promotions.

A key aspect of her position in marketing is to continually identify and analyse an organisation's strengths and weaknesses, whilst responding to opportunities and threats in the marketing environment.

Amber’s obsession with marketing is to continually research and analyse a business’s internal and external environment in order to identify how it can do more than survive, but THRIVE in a competitive world.

Amber also has a major focus on emerging technology to ensure you will always be at the forefront of new innovations.

Amber is another example of an Exceptional professional committed to the Collins Realty Group’s mission.