Rebecca Sutton

Rebecca Sutton

Rebecca is the Business Manager everyone wants as she has an amazing diverse and extensive background in business management.

Her role encompasses all aspects of business management including office administration, legal compliance, client relations, marketing, and policy - procedure.

Rebecca is also the executive assistant to Matthew Collins which means she has gained experience in property development, new house building, commercial construction, property management, and most of all Real Estate sales.

Rebecca's knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to this business shows in everything she does while her major focus is to always improve on the current process to ensure we are at the leading edge of what we do.

The best part is Rebecca is very happy to pass on her experience and knowledge to help you run the perfect business.

Put simply, Rebecca is exceptional at what she does and is an essential part of the Collins Realty Group.

Rebecca Sutton

Business Manager

07 3871 3142