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Have you found or are looking for the perfect property, let Collins Realty Group help you with every stage of the purchase process for an easy and enjoyable experience.

Collins Realty Group’s Simple steps to help you buy a home

Get an appraisal of your current property as this is a great way to find out how much equity you may have.
Contact Collins Realty Group who can recommend a loan specialist to discuss your plans and borrowing capacity. This will also include budgeting, which home loan is right for you, and the pre-approval process.
Start your market research via online platforms and print media
Make final decisions on your exact property requirements
The fun begins as you start the hunt with us
Your Collins Realty Group Agent will help you with finding a property, inspections, negotiation, offers, the signing of contracts, building inspections, and everything else involved in the buying process.


Private Treaty

This is a process where you inspect advertised properties and make an offer on any that grab your attention based on your buying capability. You negotiate with the vendor or their real estate agent until you both come to an acceptable price for the property.

Buying by Private Treaty: If you like the look of a property and want to make an offer, then your Collins Realty Group agent can help with the negotiation price of the home and any relevant conditions until both parties are happy. You then both sign and exchange the contracts of sale, you pay a deposit and the settlement process begins. You will have five days from receiving the contract of sale in which you can back out of the deal, which is the Queensland cooling-off period.


An auction is a one-off event. You register as a bidder, and compete with others – whoever has the highest bid over the set reserve price will own the home that day.

Buying at Auction: Buying Queensland property at auction means there is no cooling-off period, and normally no conditions placed upon the sale. If the home goes above reserve and you are the highest bidder on the day, then the home is yours – exchange and payment of the deposit occur on the day. You should still conduct all of the relevant inspections and checks before the Auction to ensure you are completely comfortable with the property. Your Collins Realty Group agent will handle the bidding process to alleviate your emotional stress on the day.


With the tender process, there is not necessarily a listed price. You submit offers and the vendor will accept or reject this depending on whether it meets their requirements.


This method of buying means you actually make the purchase before the property has been completed. Usually, this is done by developers who may have scale models or room mock-ups of the property to view.

Where do I find my new property

Your Collins Realty Group Agent State, local and community newspapers Websites like,, and You can also set up property alerts with Collins Realty Group so you are advised via email when a new property that matches your criteria comes on the market.

Are inspections important

Spending time inspecting any property you wish to buy is critical as photos and descriptions do not always tell the full story. A building and pest inspection is also highly recommended so as to ensure you are not buying a property with serious issues.

Contracts of sale

This is the main document in the purchase of Queensland property. It includes details on the purchase price, conditions of sale, you and the vendor’s information, and agent and solicitors involved in the process.

Settlement of Queensland property

Settlement begins once contracts are signed and exchanged. Any relevant inspections will take place early on in the contract timeframe while settlement usually takes place within 28 to 90 days. Once the process is complete, the title is transferred, keys are handed over and you now own your beautiful new home.

We don’t expect you to be the expert in buying Real Estate, WE ARE here to help!!

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