The Sunshine States Bright Location

Tuesday 02 Oct 2018

Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine State boasts a positive lifestyle with great potential to outperform other states in growth due to a range of factors that include population growth, diverse lifestyle as well as development projects which are making Queensland a bright choice in real estate.

But which area is shining the brightest? According to the Sunshine Coast is set to rise with opportunities to be found in Caloundra to Noosa, having more growth suburbs than any other local government area in Australia.

The tourism hotspot has had a dwelling value growth of 5.8% in the past 12 months. So what has sparked the Sunshine Coast to make it one of the top areas for growth?

The recent $2 billion University Hospital has made Sippy Downs a popular education hub attracting working professionals and students to the area. The Sunshine Coast Airport was recognised as an International Airport in 2016, which lead to its biggest transformation in history that included a new 2450 metre-long and 45metre-wide runway set to be finished in 2020, allowing the airport to now cater to larger aircrafts.

It’s not only Universities and Airports gaining new infrastructure and improvements, many CBD areas such as Maroochydore and Caloundra are enjoying upgrades. Investment into area upgrades have attracted new 5-star hotel developments in Yaroomba and Mooloolaba, a part of the major redevelopment project occurring in Mooloolaba. Such improvements are increasing accessibility, industry and lifestyle for the area which in turn improves the areas housing demand.

It’s rich lifestyle, upgrades and value for money make the Sunshine Coast the perfect combination to attract an increasing demand in home buyers who are after a change of lifestyle, value for money and enviable culture. The year-round pleasant weather, stunning natural wonders and vast attractions are some of the most distinctive things about the Sunshine Coast that lead the attraction of such lifestyle seekers.

No matter where you’re buying in the Sunshine Coast, or Queensland it’s important to look at all of the factors involved in buying a house as there are a number of other external factors that influence property value. If you’re looking to buy, and want the expert advice of professionals speak to the team at Collins Realty Group.

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