5 Essentials For Dressing Your House To Impress

Tuesday 16 Oct 2018

Many of us tell ourselves that we won’t buy with our heart but that we will buy with our head, yet in reality buyers buy with their heart more often then their head. And in our experience, buyers who buy with their heart are more likely to pay higher than those who buy with their head.

Before you can help buyers fall in love with your property, you need to make sure it’s dressed to impress. In this blog we discuss 5 Essentials For Dressing Your Property To Impress The Market.

Street Presence

You don’t have to be in the best street to achieve the best price, but you do need to have an immediate lovable presence to your property. The saying goes don’t just a book by it’s cover, but in todays market buyers see the properties front before they see the internal aspects – so if you’re house isn’t emitting some serious street presence you’re going to want to address that.

The frontage of the property is often the hero shot in advertising campaigns which is why it’s crucial to give the property a striking presence. Let’s remember, a great first impression is essential to starting off on the right foot.  Try tidying up the front area, fertilising the lawn and installing some lighting or replacing/adding a fence.


 Connecting Through the Kitchen

Think about the areas you emotionally connect to in a home, for any buyers this emotional connection is found most prominently in the kitchen. A kitchen is often the heart of the home, a place where we gather. If you’re considering renovating it is a good idea to focus on your kitchen as to it’s functionality and ability to entertain. Of course, not all renovations will be met with profit therefore hire a professional designer and cabinet maker to ensure that your kitchen is designed for optimal space with the ability to entertain.

Breathe Life Into The Home

Creating a house that feels like home can often be linked to whether the house feels open, light and alive. Help give your house this feel by opening blinds, curtains and letting the natural light flow through the house. And now that you’re  in the mind-set to make your house feel like a home add greenery to rooms. Adding alive plants into rooms helps to make the house feel as though it is cared for. Plus all romantics give fresh flowers right? So let you home give your guests fresh greenery to brighten up dark or older rooms.

Create Inspirational Areas

Help the buyer feel as if this place could be there home buy creating areas of relaxation and inspiration. People want to live in places that they feel they can enjoy, and by creating areas for enjoyment you’re already on your way to helping them fall in love. By adding sheltered alfresco areas and seating on patios you’ll start to help your buyers envision entertaining and relaxing. If you’re stuck for space and neighbours are right next door, be sure to make the area feel private by adding screening or plants – there are so many affordable screening options out on the market today this is one step that doesn’t have to take long or cost to much.

Always Be Fresh

Applying a fresh coat of paint, freshening up the garden or simply adding fresh aromas can persuade your buyers into falling in love with your property. If you feel as if one area of the house has gone stale, is looking run down or isn’t going to impress anyone then think about how you can freshen it up. If the carpets are old then consider replacing them, if your walls are marked give them a clean – making the house feel fresh will help your buyers feel comfortable.

Need a fresh perspective on selling your home? Speak to us! Our Elite Agents are happy to provide advice on dressing your property to impress! We’ll help you get the best price possible.