3 Smart Reasons To Sell During The Silly Season

Wednesday 12 Dec 2018

The Silly Season, otherwise known as the holiday season that starts in November and ends in January and in our opinion is one of the better times to place your property on the market. With the holiday season having many feeling jolly and bright you’ll be surprised at the amount of buyers that attend your open homes. 

So what are three smart reasons to sell during the silly season?

1. Strong Attendance Rates – Although it’s a crazy time of year, it’s also a time where people have more time to inspect properties as work holidays begin, the buying market has more time to shop for a new home which means open home attendance rates increase.

2. Weak Competition – All that a Real Estate Agent wants for Christmas is a flock of buyers with little to no competition in the area – and that’s normally just what Santa Delivers this time of year. Competition reduces because of the myth that it’s not a good time to sell. When competition is down, your price of your property will typically go up due to the law of supply and demand.

3. Serious Buyers – One of the most important reasons to sell during the Silly Season is that buyers who are looking at properties during the holidays are usually serious about purchasing, with most buyers wanting to buy and move in before the new year begins.


So have your Christmas feeling jolly and bright with an optimised sale of your home through selling during a time of low competition and peak buyers. Of course each area is different, and it’s always best to seek the advice of an experienced real estate agent before knowing the best time to sell. If you’re thinking of selling, and would like to meet with an experienced agent speak to a Collins Realty Group Elite Agent by clicking here!