5 Upsides To Downsizing

Tuesday 08 Jan 2019

Downsizing has a number of upsides, and not just for the empty nesters – there’s great benefits that everyone can enjoy. You may have noticed a recent downsizing trend, as social consciousness rises around minimal living and reducing your imprint. But what else is it about downsizing that has this movement on the rise?

If you enjoy saving money, reducing waste, gaining energy and saving time then it sounds like you’d love downsizing, so keep reading to see the benefits that you could be enjoying. 

1.      Less “things”

There’s one major issue with large spaces, with large storage… you have to fill it with “things”. In most instances, when you own or buy a larger house you’re also having to buy more “things” such as décor and furniture to fill these areas. So living minimally and downsizing means that you won’t have to worry about filling these areas, you can declutter those messy draws and start to get things in order.

2.      Reduce Costs

As identified above, the reduced need to buy more things means less money being spent and more money in the bank (or to buy that coffee machine you’ve always wanted). Cleaning costs will be reduced, furnishings, upkeep and the general cost of running a home will be reduced thanks to the reduced area space. Whilst energy bills continue to rise, reducing the size of your home can reduce your costs on energy.

3.      Free Up Your Lifestyle For Traveling

Owning a large house requires a lot of work when you leave town, from security systems to maintaining the gardens. Traveling can then become a burden and often too difficult, but not if you’ve sold your larger house and downsized. Downsizing from a large house to a townhouse, or apartment can help you establish the right foundations for a traveling lifestyle.

4.      Start of a New Chapter 

For many homeowners, downsizing can be the closing of an old chapter and the start of a new one. Whether your children have moved out and you’re finding the house too empty, or you’re seeking a minimal life downsizing can be the start of a new way of life in a new home.

With less upkeep, you’ll have more time to enjoy alone or with friends and family.

5.      Live with LESS and LOVE IT!

Often, home owners with larger houses are weighed down by the demands of keeping the residence with a combination of costs and time. Your primary residence shouldn’t be thought of as your primary investment, it shou dbe thought of as the place that gives you the quality of life you are chasing for you and your family. Spending your time earning money to pay for a large lifestyle can be tiring, reducing the demand for such a lifestyle can help you LIVE the LIFE you LOVE! Take the stress out of maintaining that lifestyle, give yourself more time and money to enjoy the things in life that you want to do.

Among those 5 tips, is one key reoccurring benefit! MORE TIME AND MORE MONEY. Downsizing your larger home will most likely free up your financials with a smaller place often costing a lot less.

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