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So you have decided to sell your home however the process of appointing your agent through to settlement can take time and be overwhelming as there is so much to cover and so many parties involved. Finding the right real estate agent to sell your property is crucial. A Collins Realty Group Agent will provide expert advice on pricing and selling, professionally market the home to attract buyers and negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible.

Is Your Agent Licensed to sell in Queensland? Do they know your local property market? How will they advertise and promote the sale of your home? Your Collins Realty Group Agent will cut out the stress and ensure this is a very simple process for you.

Collins Realty Group’s Simple Selling Process

Market Update and Property Appraisal

We inspect your property, talk you through the process, provide a formal property market appraisal, discuss your method of sale, and your marketing/advertising strategy.
We provide presentation advice, Agency agreement is signed, Property details are completed, and an open home schedule is designed.
Promotion of your Property
Photographer engaged, Property listing/signage completed, Company database notification, and all marketing/advertising strategies commence.
After every inspection you will receive details of the attendees with any comments and feedback.
Negotiating the Sale
This is where we do our best work to ensure the best price and sale conditions are negotiated
Contract of Sale
The signing of the contract is formalised with a security deposit taken from the buyer. Copies of the contract are given to both parties solicitors/conveyancers
What more can we say!! The new owners move in

Sale Types

Private Treaty

This is the process where you determine the sale price of your property and buyers put offers forward to purchase it. Your Collins Realty Group Agent will then negotiate the terms with the buyers until there is an agreeable outcome.

Selling by Private Treaty: Your Collins Realty Group Agent will pass on all offers from prospective buyers and help you analyse the offer and any conditions of the contract. If required we will negotiate on your behalf for a better price. When an agreement is reached, the contracts of sale are signed and exchanged. There is a cooling-off period of five days in Queensland, where the buyer can back out of the sale.


Auctions are a specific one day event overseen by an auctioneer. You set a reserve price you want the property to sell for. Buyers register for the auction, bid on your property, and if it exceeds the reserve price set then the highest bidder must complete the transaction right then. Setting the reserve correctly is very important. Your Collins Realty Group Agent will provide further advice on where to set the reserve and how to manage expectations.

Selling by Auction: On the day of the Auction if the bidding reaches reserve, the highest bidder signs and exchanges contracts at the Auction. There is no cooling-off period for Auctions. If bidding does not reach reserve, you may receive offers post-auction, choose to accept offers made prior to the event, or make your own vendor bid on the day to help improve the sale price. Your Collins Realty Group Agent will advise you on the best way forward including negotiating a better price if the reserve was not reached.


You simply advertise a closing date for offers on your property. Buyers submit offers to your Collins Realty Group Agent that you review. If one fulfils your needs, you can approve it and the sale begins.

Marketing your property sale in Queensland

How your property is advertised will depend on the current market, how serious you are about selling, and maximising opportunities to improve exposure to buyers.

Print media

The Courier Mail is the biggest newspaper in Brisbane with a Monday to Saturday readership of over 600,000. Using newspapers and magazines specific to your suburb will also be helpful. Collins Realty Group Agents also have a number of strategies designed to promote your property to your local market

Online media

The Courier Mail online has 2.8 million active users which makes this a huge presence in SEQ Websites like,, and Search Engine Optimisation strategies Using these resources will promote your property to an enormous number of people.

Collins Realty Group Agents, with you, will design a simple comprehensive marketing strategy for your property.

Contracts of sale in Queensland

Contracts of sale are usually provided by prospective buyers when they make an offer, including their own conditions and the price they would like to offer. Both parties must agree to the document before the transaction is approved

Settlement of a Queensland property sale

Once contracts are exchanged and signed, the settlement process usually takes between 28 and 90 days. On settlement, you receive the balance of the property price, transfer the title and hand over the keys and ownership of the property. You will be responsible for council rates and land tax up until the settlement date

Agent Appointment Form

A legally binding contract giving the agent authority to sell your Queensland property on your behalf.

We don’t expect you to be the expert in selling Real Estate, WE ARE here to help!!

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