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Tuesday 09 Oct 2018

ABS data has revealed that Queensland is Australia’s favourite destination for moving interstate. Since the Queensland Governments “Move On Up” campaign began, over 110,000 people have moved up to Queensland in the past 10 years. With figures now stating that the state has had a population boom of 10% in the past 5 years, with the majority of interstate migrators moving to Queensland coming from NSW and the NT.

For many Australians moving interstate happens for a number of reasons such as work or being closer to family, but what is it about Queensland that makes it such an ideal destination to move to? We’ll answer that for you now.

Queensland boasts a glorious 300 days of sunshine a year, and better weather means more time to get out and about doing the things that you love! The outdoor lifestyle that Queensland boasts is met with scenic views, outdoor activities and local food experiences that you’ll have to experience when you move here. To avoid moving during the heat of summer, we recommend moving during spring or autumn as these seasons will provide more mild weather helping ease the move.

The current median house price in Brisbane has hit an all-time record high of $673,000, whilst Moreton Bay has been tipped one of the quickest growing governed areas in Australia. Queensland’s housing market offers buyers a wide selection of property types at an affordable price tag, especially when compared to Sydney and Melbourne.

The REIQ’s march quarter Queensland Market Monitor found that against a backdrop of cooling southern markets and falling listing volumes Brisbane houses are demonstrating resilience, thanks to a steady influx of population growth underpinned by good economic fundamentals. We certainly agree that Queensland is a state on the move with intestate migrators flocking to the sunshine state for better lifestyle, and overseas investors scooping in to buy a bargain.

Becoming the number-one destination for internal migration, Queensland is set to have healthy continued demand for accommodation. The rental market is also classed as healthy, with rising demand levels.

The Queensland State Government is targeting skilled and innovative individuals and families who are looking for opportunity, with promises that Queensland will help them take charge of their future due to the growing and increasingly diverse economy. The Queensland State Governments also investing heavily into science, research and technology in both new industries and the traditional ones such as agriculture, resource, tourism and education. There are a growing number of grants that the local government are offering, to find out more visit

There’s nothing more Queenslander than having an ice cold beverage whilst watching the great summer afternoon storms. Turn off your TV open the blinds and watch the glory unfold as the thunderstorm display lights up the skies. An important tip if you’re new to Queensland Ssorms is make sure that you prepare for them as loose debris can be make for flying hazards if the winds pick up. Remember to watch safely from inside your house, then just sit back and enjoy one of nature’s most glorious light shows.

Thinking of moving close to the water, then let the Queensland salty seas and radiant sands allure you. With over 6,973km of stunning coastline, Queensland is home to beaches that will take your breath away. Both the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are picked as top performing areas for growth, with the Sunshine Coast still boasting affordability. Queensland is also home to The Great Barrier Reef – the world’s largest reef system composed of thousands of individual reefs, 900 islands, 1500 fish species, and hundreds of coral. So if you’re considering Queensland, make sure you plan a family holiday to the Great Barrier Reef. it’s a must see treasure found on the magnificent coastline of Queensland.

Want more information on one of the topics we’ve covered, or looking to speak to an Elite Agent. Get in touch with the team at Collins Today! We’ll be glad to help you on your journey to Queensland, after all it’s our home too.

– Collins Realty Group



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